Postman Project

This project, within the context of the discipline Audiovisual and Multimedia II, intends to represent the non-linear life of a postman in rural area of Portugal, where unlike the cities, there's still a close relationship with it. So through a non-linear platform you can deconstruct several examples of interaction between the postman and the recipients of the letters.
Books Without Pages

Negroponte spoke to a future day, that any machine would work without the ability to speak. But others by the mouth of those who tells us of a time that long passed, would come the time that one pushed a button, and the bright eyes, so full of a fascinating future, it would appear, what inhuman space, light ...
This project is based on the Nicolas Negroponte text "Books Without Pages"

Keep Real

For this project we were required to make a 30sec advert with our phone/webcam using only an online amator animation programme toupload onto You Tube. The subject was based on Dove Beauty Campaign.

Tell Me Stories

The project “ Tell me stories ” was born of the will of helping so many grandparents like Grandmother Bisa, who lives a sad and terrifying reality, lonelyness.
Opposed to this reality, but only in a question of generation it is the view of the children who are deposited every day in playgrounds and hardly spend time with their parents.
So conscious that the children are a fountain inexhaustible of joy and that grandparents are a pandora's box filled with stories and adventures, the Institution Entrajuda is promoting the familiarity between both generations.
The message: the old men have to give very much to the children and the children have much joy to give to the oldest.
The inicial image will be an old lady in an empty room with a television set to the front, and in the same identic room appears a child playing playstation, but on the oppeosite side, This way the child occupies the place of the television and the playstation the place of the old lady. Next two images are put on top and the clip finishes with an image with a child seated in the ground and an old lady in a chair with a book in the hand reading a storie to the child.


In this project we had to colect 16 mm foothage supplied by the class tutor and build a 2 minutes film using the different frames. After digitalyzing the footages we had to edit the movie with Final Cut Pro and After Effects and in the end it was asked to add music.

Found Footage project
16mm footage
Digital film
Music by DJ Hazard
“Use your Brain”
Two Worlds Colide

As the name indicates, this project consisted chosing two different animation styles and make a short animatic or animation that join the both.
For my project I chose the Humorous Phases of Funny Faces, from Émile Cohl (1906) and Blu from Muto, Buenos Aires (2008).

Storyboard: Black Marker on white paper
Final Movie:Black Marker on White wall
White Chalk on black board
and white paint
Digital Photograpgy

Man evolution

Digital animation produced in the context of the discipline of Animation 1 in the East London University
And If I Liked Very Much to Die

E se eu Gostasse Muito de Morrer
(“And If I Liked Very Much to Die”), is a book written by Rui Cardozo Martins. It is related to suicide in Alentejo, the portuguese south region.
The project consisted in creating a book cover, a booklet, a poster, and a box to store all the items.

Project E se eu Gostasse Muito de Morrer (“And If I Liked Very Much to Die”)
Box: Pressed Card; 7 x 24 x 22 cm; Book Cover: 15,5 x 22 x 2,3 cm
Booklet: 31 x 31 cm; Poster: 42 x 59,4 cm

Bic Project

The BIC pen is one of the most successeful objects in our society. With its simple desgin and great funcionality it has inspired in many ways a lot of designers.
This project consisted in a simulation of an exhibition and its catalogue. My exhibition was centered in problematic BIC and Society of Consumism.

Catalogue: 19,5 x 19 cm
Exhibition prototype: 50 x 30 x 20 cm

Caos, Noise, Daydream, Dispersed Thoughts

Typography on digital photos
4 x [16,2 x 22,9] cm
Play, Refuge, Silence, Bright, Contact, Fantasy

During Christmas’ Holidays I decided to do an Assemblage Workshop. The challenge was to write some phrases about six persons known or invented by us. The sentences had to describe, in one word, the meaning of Christmas to them, and after that build an assemblage translating that word to it.
The workshop was held by Richard Camara, at FBAUL December '08.

Digital Assemblage
6 x [16,2 x 22,9] cm

Projected shadows

Black/white photography 10 x 5 cm

Untitled (Experiences)

Scath drawings and collage
Mixed technique 2 x [21 x 29,7] cm